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We solve Power Outages so your and your family can live safely, comfortably & with peace-of-mind! We also keep your business productive & profitable during power outages. Your life, UNINTERRUPTED!

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Perhaps you're just looking around for information, or you'd like help sizing a generator or getting up to speed on installation requirements or applicable codes. We've got your back.

Our entire Mission is to help educate consumers and businesses alike about the benefits of being prepared, selecting the right backup generator and building a relationship with a reputable, responsible service company.

We eliminate the common headaches and uncertainties when it comes to generator installations, service and maintenance by sharing our experience and educating our customers, rather than keeping it all under lock and key. We believe that a properly educated consumer is in the BEST position to make educated decisions when it comes to your generator and being prepared!
We hope that you find what you're looking for, but if not, don't hesitate to set up a Zoom call with us to connect and get your questions answered, or perform a virtual tour of your site or existing generator.
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